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Hello students! To be successful in your chosen field is the vision you cherish, and the goal you always work for. Educard is an innovative and unique solution for assistance to help realize your dreams— whether it is studying at an
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Recruitment Test Preparation
Engg. and Medical Entrance
MBA and MCA Entrance
Defence Services
engineering college, medical college, IIT, IIM or becoming a civil servant.

Educard offers you simulated tests for various competitive examinations to help you practice for these examinations and take on the real test with a great confidence. Naturally, the more you practice, the more you develop the HABIT OF WINNING.

For the First time now, you can make use of the Business Intelligence enabled tools in the service for your Real Time Performance Monitoring, Relative Performance Monitoring vis a vis thousands of students and Performance Forecasting. The programmes are designed to tell you where you are, where you have to be, where is the gap and how exactly that gap can be filled up by taking correct steps.
Knowledge Mall  
Knowledge Mall is a new concept which has caught the imagination of our team Mindlogicx. In the Knowledge Mall you will have opportunity to visit various knowledge Partners who will provide various types of knowledge for reskilling or upskilling your career. There are occasions where we have a formal education and do not possess the knowledge required to be successful in our life. While Education can get us a formal degree or diploma, knowledge can give us the wisdom to lead the life successfully. Education is formal and has limitations while knowledge is informal and has no boundaries. Think of an Engineer who has completed his degree in Electrical Engineering but does not know what is six sigma in a manufacturing industry. The additional knowledge on Six Sigma will make him a most sought after executive in the company and can land him in a hot seat. Take for example an IT Engineer who wants to upgrade his skill sets in Information security which can enable him to climb the corporate ladder with ease. This service is now available only for Platinum card users.
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